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We provides huge variety of digital backgrounds, Photoshop templates and Photoshop video tutorials for anyone who is interested in photography and image editing.

Photography studios appreciate our products for their high quality, flexibility and professionalism.

Our backgrounds and templates can be used for numerous occasions: graduations, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, invitations, senior, sport and studio photography.

With digital templates you will be able to create awesome portraits that everyone will love!

How Does It Work?
Digital backdrops are images that can be used with any photographs. Using photo editing program such as Photoshop you can easily cut your subject from the existing photograph and paste it on the top of one of our backdrops.

What Are Digital Backdrops?
They are custom designed images that replace background in your photographs. Simply take any photo and combine them with any of our high quality backgrounds to achieve professional, beautiful results at the comfort of your home. 
This way you can save tons of money and time since digital backdrops eliminate need for heavy muslins, props and scenery. 
They are perfect for amateurs and professional photographers, allowing you achieve spectacular effects within minutes at very reasonable cost.

Will They Work With My Camera?
Yes! Digital backdrops will work with any type of camera.  All you need is to transfer your photographs to a computer. You can also scan your pictures from family albums and this will convert them into digital images.

Do I Need Chroma Key (Green or Blue Screens)?
Not at all.  In our video tutorials you will learn how to cut out subjects from your photographs in minutes. Solid color backgrounds help and save a little bit of time but are not necessary. We will teach you how to deal with complex backgrounds and show you tricks that will streamline your work process.

How Hard Is Working With Digital Backdrops?
Everything new takes a little time to explore, and probably most of the time you will spend getting familiarized with digital editing software such as Photoshop. However, with our easy to understand video tutorials, you will master photo editing techniques in minutes! Our step-by-step instructions will guide you every step of the way and soon you will be able to create amazing photo effects that will shock your family, friends, and clients. 

We are here to make your photos look beautiful!
Our backdrops and templates are custom made and will be a great source of fun for a professional and amateur photographers alike. 
With our user friendly video tutorials and templates you will be able to learn fast and apply new tricks to your photographs within minutes.

With over 9 years of experience in digital photography (some of us started working with Corel and Photoshop Version 1.0) I am certain that our experience will help you create spectacular graphics and photographs.
Don't wait, try it out and you will love it!
When purchasing digital backgrounds from the internet you should remember that all of our CDs and DVDs come with a complete set of video tutorials.  There are several lessons that will allow you to practice and learn tricks used by professionals.
It is a lot easier to learn by watching a video then reading a manual.  Others might offer similar products, but without proper training it will be very difficult to figure out all the necessary steps that you need to take to achieve stunning results and create spectacular digital effects.
Also, if you have specific questions you can e-mail us at any time.  We will be glad to assist you!
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Your purchase will be shipped within 24 hours of payment.

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Digital backdrops can be used with both PC and MAC computers.  In order to edit your photos with any photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Elements or alternatives.  We guarantee our product and will provide replacement in case of damage during shipping.  All of our backdrops and templates are Royalty FREE, meaning they can be used for personal and professional purposes. 
Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any additional questions. 

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